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Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy 2019 LOTTE Hotel, Jeju Island, Korea August 19~23, 2019 MCARE 2019


Abstract submission due ~ June 30, 2019 More
On-site Registration June 30, 2019 More
Notification acceptance July 30, 2019
Announcement of final program August 1, 2019

Best Poser Award List

Gold medal

Poster No. Name Affiliation Title
SP10-30 Jeong-Su Kim Chonbuk National University Study on effective functionalization of nanowire FET Sensor for harmful gas

Silver medal

Poster No. Name Affiliation Title
SP8-4 DooHyung Moon Yeungnam University Surface treatment technique using In2S3 as pin hole filling agent of Cu(InGa)Se2 photovoltaic absorber
SP2-23 Jong-Won Lee Chosun University CNT-Decorated Mesoporous Carbon for Rechargeable Lithium-Oxygen Batteries

Bronze medal

Poster No. Name Affiliation Title
SP6-5 Jong Hyeok Kim Gachon University Patterning of Liquid Metal Electrode based on Gallium Alloys by Transfer Printing and Its Application
SP7-3 Rui Huang POSTECH Size Control of Pd Nanoparticle Loaded on Co3O4 by Calcination Temperature to Enhance the Catalytic Activity of CO Oxidation
SP9-6 Kyuhwan Hyun Seoul National University of Science and Technology Using gelatin for enzymatic biofuel cell preventing leaching of the enzyme and mediator

Best Poster

Poster No. Name Affiliation Title
SP1-12 Jin Hyun Kim UNIST BiVO4 based photoanode for tandem solar energy harvesting and utilization
SP1-4 Donghyung Kim POSTECH Interdependent enhancement of photoelectrochemical performance promoting charge transfer and carrier density: through doping treatment of ZnO:N and BiVO4:Mo nanorod heterojunction
SP1-10 Chanyeon Kim KIST Self-activation of catalyst during electrochemical CO2 reduction using metal impurity
SP2-1 Jiyeon Lee GIST High Energy Density Battery: Using Advanced Carbon to Provide Sufficient Electrolyte Pathways and Increase the SeS2 Content
SP2-5 Sungil Choi Pukyong National University Phase-dependent performance of lotus-root shaped TiO2 for lithium ion batteries (LIBs) by thermal treatment
SP2-11 Hana Lim KITECH MWCNT-polyimide core-shell nanowire as high-capacity and cycling-stable anode material for aqueous rechargeable sodium-ion battery
SP2-17 Gyusang Sim Kyung Hee University Nitrogen-doped Carbon Coated Li2ZnTi3O8 as an Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries
SP2-19 Praveen Sekar Kyung Hee University Self-Standing 3D-Printed Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries
SP2-20 NANTHAGOPAL MURUGAN Kyung Hee University An Encapsulation of Nitrogen and Sulphur Dual-doped Carbon @ Li[Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1]O2 for lithium Ion Battery Applications
SP3-4 Daishi Shiojiri Tokyo University of Science Effects of microstructure on the thermal properties of the metal-insulator transition in metal-dispersed Ti2O3
SP3-6 Jaehwan Shin Chungang University Surface chemistry induced controls of the electrical properties of polyaniline
SP4-1 Tahmineh Mahmoodi Chonbuk National University Stability Enhancement in Perovskite Solar Cells with Perovskite/Silver-Graphene Composites in Active Layer
SP4-8 Sreedevi Gedi Yeungnam University Effect of Selenization Temperature on the Properties of Antimony Selenide Thin Films for Solar Cells
SP4-9 Jiho Jang Sungkyunkwan University Highly Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Encapsulated with Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 and Chemical Vapor Deposited Flowable Oxide Layers
SP5-3 Youngjae Park KIST Solution based graphene quantum dots-ZnO nanoflowers heterostructures and its application for optoelectronic devices
SP5-4 Rui Tang Gachon University High quality various Periodic doped lanthanum-modified bismuth-titanate thin films grown by RF sputtering
SP6-1 Minje Kim Chungnam National University Output power density enhancement of triboelectric nanogenerators via polarized ferroelectric polymers and bulk MoS2 composites
SP6-14 Vivekananthan Venkateswaran Jeju National University  A Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerators based on Lead-free K0.5Na0.5NbO3-BaTiO3 Nanoparticles for Self-powered Sensors
SP7-1 Beom-Sik Kim KAIST Physical Mixture of Pt-BaO/CeO2 and Cu/CeO2 Catalysts for Low-Temperature Lean NOx Trap
SP7-2 Sanha Lim Seoul National University Backstepping method integrated with model predictive control for two-cell selective catalytic reduction systems
SP7-6 Jae Hwan LEE Korea University Ag incorporated CuO(x)-CeO2 catalyst for PM combustion
SP8-2 SungGue Heo KITECH Microwave sintering of aluminum doped LLZO powder fabricated by modified sol-gel process
SP8-20 Sivalingam Gopi Gachon University Metal oxides nanoparticle incorporated in activated carbon for hydrogen evolution reaction
SP8-22 Kyoung-Hwan Kim Ajou University Crack Engineering of Silver Films for Field Emission Enhancement
SP8-16 Yu Jin Kim Gachon University Characteristics of flexible photovoltaic devices with AZO electrode prepared by using facing targets sputtering
SP9-1 Hee Su Kim Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute Effects of Ru Positioned In and Out at Sr1-xYxTiO3+/-δ Perovskite Catalysts for Methane Dry Reforming
SP9-9 Youngho Wee (Korea University Enzyme Adsorption, Precipitation and Crosslinking (EAPC) on Intact Carbon Nanotubes for Biofuel Cell Application
SP9-11 Sungje Lee Seoul National University of Science and Technology Influence of Doping Concentration of Atomic Layer Deposited Yttria Doped Ceria Thin-film Coated on Cathodes for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
SP10-6 Jun-Hyeok Lee Seoul National University of Science and Technology Microwave-Assisted Preparation of CuxO/TiO2 and CuS/TiO2 Composite Particles for Photocatalytic Applications
SP10-9 Hyeonjun Lee KAIST Effect of Hole Injection on InP Quantum Dot-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
SP10-18 Jisu Jeong Kangwon National University Structure- or Surface-Modified Electrodes for Sustainable Power Generation by Reverse Electro-Dialysis Stack
SP10-10 Jin-Su Park Ajou University The use of hexafluoroisopropanol as an alternative to perfluoro compounds for plasma etching of SiO2
SP10-28 Sun Ok Kim Chonbuk National University Fabrication of transparent and stretchable strain/pressure-sensitive capacitor comprising 2 layers of Ag nanowires and silicone elastomers
SP10-32 Geon-Gu Ji Chonbuk National University Computer-aided design of solid-state hydrogen storage system with the compressed complex hydride
SP10-39 Dae-Hee Lim GIST Synthesis and Characterization of TPD-based Organic Semiconducting Polymers for Study on the Effects of their Aggregation types on Organic Thin-Film Transistors
SP10-45 Mi Yeon Byun KITECH Influence of supports on catalytic performance of Pd catalysts in D-glucose hydrogenation
SP11-1 Hyo Jung An Ewha Womans University Simultaneous Separation of High-Purity Semiconducting and Metallic Carbon Nanotubes by Surfactant Concentration-Controlled Gel Chromatography
SP11-2 Fredrick Kim UNIST 3D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials using all-inorganic Bi2Te3-based inks


MCARE 2019 Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy 2019
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